A call for the new Princess to be called after a saint

Over at The Catholic Herald, I have a piece on why it would be good if the new royal baby were called after a saint... While meaning no disrespect to the baby's grandmother, I also argue that it would not be fair if she were given the Christian name, Diana.  Diana, of course, is not a saint's name: Diana was the goddess of hunting.   


  1. Diana is a saint's name. She is one of the first Dominican saints... one of the first Dominican nuns: Blessed Diana d'Andalò. Every Dominican knows of her as she is famous for being the great love of Blessed Jordan of Saxony, the second master of the order. There is even a book written about them, including their letters, called 'To Heaven With Diana!' by Fr Gerald Vann OP. Even though they were in love with each other their put God's will for them first ie that she should be a contemplative nun and he a wandering, preaching friar.

  2. Good to hear there is a Blessed Diana. My understanding is that Blessed Diana d'Andalò is not a canonised saint. So, I will have to disagree with you on the point that Diana is a saint's name.

    Thanks for commenting, Mary


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