A chance to cast your vote, or a selfie moment?

Gosh, I love elections.  Politicians outdoing themselves to win our votes: it's free theatre! Yesterday, running errands, I had to walk through parts of West London, and I saw various polling stations, where people were queueing alongside the Polling Station signs to take selfies of themselves as they were about to vote.  I'm as vain as everyone else, and wanted to take a selfie, but a touch of hayfever had given me the spring time Rudoloph-the-red-nosed-reindeer look. 

With great excitement, I did vote. When I did, there was a queue to take a photo in front of the Polling Station sign, but no one in the queue for the voting booth. Seeing so many people posing for photos,  I wondered if voting was more of a selfie moment: people seemed far more interested in themselves than the politicians they were helping to get elected. 


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