HAPPY EASTER! He is Risen!

Wishing everyone heartfelt Easter blessings. May you have a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Lent is over! I’ve just had two delicious cups of coffee this morning. As many of you might know, if you abstain from high-octane caffeine for a while, coffee has an extra kick. After my milky coffee, I now feel like a three year old who has had three red bulls! Much as I love coffee, it has a tendency to give me headaches; it’s a type of unrequited love; I love coffee, but it doesn’t love me back! Having a coffee was my way of celebrating Easter. And didn’t I hear somewhere that it’s a sin to fast on a feast day?


  1. Happy Easter, Mary.
    Did you take sugar or a sweetener with the coffee?

  2. Hi Fr Whelan,

    Happy Easter and may you be showered with Easter blessings. I just added milk to the coffee, I think that sugar and sweetener interrupt the flavour of coffee. What do you think of my new green blog design?

    God bless,


    1. I like it. Easy on the eye, though not quite the colour of the Liturgical Season -:)


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