Chocolate dresses on a rainy day...

I got a lovely present of some chocolate dresses from my friend Helen. Not to be worn, you understand, but for eating. Chocolate always tastes best on cold, blustery and rainy days. I have never experienced a wetter week in London; the sky is like a giant shower head that someone forgot to turn off... If you venture outside the door for a few minutes, then you can be soaked to the skin.

I have been walking to Mass looking like a refugee who is wearing all their items of clothing, one on top of the other. I don a layer of leggings, tracksuit bottoms and trousers; when the rain drenches the trousers, then the tracksuit bottoms might absorb the damp and I won’t catch a chill. It’s a trick that I learned from growing up in Ireland where it rains for weeks on end. I have a huge hood that hangs over my forehead to protect my hair – it makes me look like Darth Vader with a fringe. After Mass and then dinner today, I’m promising myself a chocolate dress as a little indulgence.

At least my chocolate is elegant!


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