Dear Readers – which blog design do you prefer?

To convey the sorrow of Good Friday, I changed the blog to a solemn black background. And now in honour of Our Lord’s resurrection, I have changed the blog to a green-grass template because green represents new life and a fresh start.
It’s not written in the Catechism that our blog colours and backgrounds must reflect Church holidays.
But, which  background do you like best?
The green background is appropriate for us in London, now that we are leaving a cold winter and enjoying the first glimpses of spring. Even in the middle of busy London, the air does taste of a certain spring sweetness; peppered with pollen and gently warmed by a shy sun.The concrete coloured sky is now giving way to a china blue spring horizon.
But the black template was a good ‘frame’ for my multi-coloured pictures. Like the way jewellers use black velvet to highlight their diamonds and gems, a dark background can bring out the best in photos and pictures.


  1. HI! I like the green quite a lot.

  2. Your former blog background seemed to cause your blog to freeze up and become very difficult to scroll on my computer, so this background is better in my opinion.


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