St Anthony finds tea again…

I gazed at the boxes of redbush or rooibus tea in the supermarket, but didn’t pick up a box and moved on. It’s that time of year when expenses are high and three pounds for a box of nice-tasting, aromatic tea is too much, especially when my shopping bill would have been money enough to feed villages in Africa. I looked at the ‘black tea’ – and had the choice of buying own-brand tea for 30p, but didn’t, because the ‘economical’ tea bags can taste more like caffeinated tar, as opposed to smooth, refreshing tea. And the boxes of ‘quality’ black tea were a little      expensive. Mentally I prayed to St Anthony to ‘find’ me tea, so that Scrooge that I am, wouldn’t have to buy it. Well, I was flabbergasted. A few days ago, a girl who lived near me but whom I hardly knew, was packing up and moving away, and she left a box of redbush/rooibus tea for me, and I had never mentioned that I wanted this type of tea. Then when out for Christmas dinner with some close friends, I had the pleasure of receiving some lovely gifts, one of which was a box of Barry’s Tea. My friend explained; ‘I was in Ireland and thought of you when I saw this tea, it just seemed right to get you Barry’s tea…’ 
I took a photo of the two pround boxes of tea. Moral of the story; ask St Anthony for things; you might just be pleasantly surprised...


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