Christmas blog make-over. Envy of Mr Frost's web design.

May I ask what you think of the new Christmas template that I've just added? The majority of the templates that I've seen are like children's wrapping paper from 1980. I picked this one because it had holly and a good dusting of gold (one of the gifts brought to the Christ Child by The Three Kings). Not to mention its green colour scheme that symbolises Irishness; quite important for a mick-chick like me.

In the coming days The Kitsch Police may have grounds to arrest me - I'm taking a shine to those winking  Merry Christmas blog signs, I'm an inch away from posting Wham's Last Christmas and Judy Garland's Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.  

Ah, I admit it: Jack Frost's website will always be the best.


  1. Very clean and crisp! I like it! By the way, Happy Christmas!


  2. How cute it was. Yes, the Christmas season is coming and we are down to less than 10 days in celebrating the new year. I am glad that you have shared your blog as a part of my Phoenix web design knowledge. I appreciate it so much. Hope you can make more in the future and I hope I can still read it. Thanks.

  3. Happy Christmas to you Deo Volente! And may 2012 be filled with blessings and joy.


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