Padre Pio on Pope Pius XII: “I have seen him in Paradise”

After Pope Pius XII died on October 9th, 1958, a nun, Sr Pascalina Lehnert wrote to San Giovanni Rotondo and asked what were Padre Pio’s thoughts on Pope Pius XII. When Padre Pio was asked about the recently departed Pope Pius XII, Padre Pio wore a face that looked transfigured, answered; ‘he is in Paradise.’ When Padre Pio was pressed to give more detail he said; ‘yes, I have seen him in Paradise.’ It is a short, but significant example of Padre Pio’s supernatural knowledge. If only little accounts like this were better known – they would impress nobler and higher thoughts of heavenly realms and what we must strive for.
About Padre Pio’s statement that Pope Pius XII was in heaven, Father Agostino wrote in his Diary on  November 18 th 1958: "Padre Pio was very sad for the death of Pope Pio XII. But Our Lord let him see the Pope in the glory of Paradise." 


  1. I had heard this same comment from Sr. Margherita Marchioni, who has written many books on Venerable Pius XII over the last several years, and yet he still awaits the date for his own beatification unlike John Paul II whose was done in record time. The ironic thing about the miracle involving Pius XII, he cured a woman who was terminally ill after she and her husband had both prayed to Blessed John Paul and he JP appeared to the husband and said "I can't help her, but here is someone who can" and showed the husband Pius XII's picture. Yet we are being led to believe he cured the French Nun of Parkinson's the same year 2005. It makes no sense to me at all but hey that's just me.

  2. It could be that God would not permit JPII to "help" the woman, that God wanted this woman's cure to happen through the intercession of His servant, Pius XII. This doesn't lessen the powerful intercession of either pope, but that the recognition of sainthood is indeed a detail that God cares about for His own reasons to help the Church Militant. Maybe the canonization of Pius XII isn't meant for our time yet, for reasons known only to God.

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  4. Thanks for posting this. Great item. -- Michael Chapman

  5. I pray through the intercession of Saint Padre Pio, Saint John Paul II and Pope Pius II that, if it be God's will, my husband would have a cure for his Parkinson's disease. In Jesus' name... AMEN!

  6. Please pray for my Uncle Raymond. Ask St. Padre Pio to intercede for him. He had a massive stroke yesterday and is now paralyzed on his right side. Please also pray for his family. Thank you.


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