The Clancy Bros at Christmas

Mulier Fortis could swing her cats to this. And Rocco Palmo could practise his Irish language skills; Rocco is quite the fan of the Irish language.


  1. Monsignors Furretti and Miaowrini don't seem too keen on your suggestion...


  2. Hmmmm. Maybe you'd have to spike their water with a touch of vodka, that would get them swingin'!

  3. Ah, I grew up with the Clancys as well as the Mcpeake family (a little more intense in folk terms).
    I saw the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem at the Albert Hall and they were marvellous entertainers as well as singers.
    I can never remember which brother is which but the short, stocky one that looks like a pub bouncer used to recite Yeats'
    The Host of the Air which left the audience spellbound.

  4. richard, clancys r/l paddy, tom aka the bouncer, liam bobby.any info let me know tom k.


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