Michael Voris speaks at the other Rome blognic

I don't agree with everything that Michael has to say - especially his closing words that we may just 'offend away' anyone. The key word there might be 'away' - if you offend away people, you might find that you are not just driving them away from yourself, but from the Church.
The difference is that if you post something such as catechesis on the internet to a general audience, then you are not making a personal swipe at one particular person. For example, if ordinary Joe Soap watches Michael Voris' videos, they cannot claim that he has attacked them personally, because these videos are meant for a wide an audience as possible of Catholics and non-Catholics. But if you offend/insult someone in the flesh, or through personal e-mails or in some direct capacity, you have to beware that they may reject the faith because they have closely associated angry vindictiveness with being a Catholic. But perhaps we think that we are justified in getting angry because we have the higher purpose of bringing people to the faith… St Francis De Sales pithily allowed that; “There was never an angry man that thought his anger unjust.”
Are we conscious enough that we may win the argument but lose the man?
It's rather ironic that Michael Voris is surrounded by pictures of famous Irish writers such as James Joyce who was a very itchy, troubled Catholic. Michael Voris mentions that he's Irish – this is news to me. Where in Ireland was he born?


  1. As my father once said "Just because you're born in a stable, doesn't make you a cow."

    If he says he's Irish, maybe his parents (both, or one) emigrated to the USA

  2. Hi Mary,
    Learned of your blog via the news around the blogger conference at the Vatican, and enjoy it very much. Agree with you that to 'offend away' in bringing persons to Christ in our Church might work for RealCatholicTV, but like Rush Limbaugh here in the states, the presentation leaves much to be desired despite the truth of the content.

    It was ironic to see the photos behind Mr. Voris of famous Irish writers who had their issues with the Church. BTW, we Americans may often say 'I'm Irish' when obviously we're referring to our Hibernian heritage and not our citizenship - it's because we're just so damn proud of the great influence Eire has had here in the states.

    Keep up the great writing!!

  3. You have to understand Americans. There are none. I was born in the USA but am Italian. Voris was most likely born in the USA, but he is Irish. We are a nation of Polish, Irish, German, French, and lots of half-breeds, like Irish-Italian, German-Polish. Even the "Indians" are not Americans, they are Native Americans. And so on... When I went to Italy I found out I was Italo-Americano!

  4. Thank you so much for your intelligent comments. I get where Michael Voris is coming from now.

    Thank you very much cowboypapist for your very kind comments, they have really encouraged me.

  5. Go Michael Go!

    You are an ANGEL on earth!

    Don't let ANYONE side tract you.
    Don't let ANYONE discourage you!

    We NEED you TOO much! PLEASE do not change your ways or your teaching. IT is PERFECT!!!!!



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