Elizabeth Scalia: 'I go to confession a lot more since I started blogging'

'Charity can sometimes be the biggest challenge we face. The internet is truly a place without borders...Such an expance of freedom is both a gift and a terrible temptation for our egos. Take the scourge of porn: this is a temptation of human objectification that has always existed. The internet has no endpage...Elizabeth Scalia uses the example of porn to show that the internet can facilate the 'walling in of our hearts and minds'.
'Catholicism contains facetious multitudes and it always has... But we have no business fostering factions and making enemies.' Elizabeth explains that making a jibe at another blogger can come at the expense of charity.

'Need I say, I go to confession a lot more since I started blogging... The Church needs us to disseminate information, and to correct information.'

Elizabeth draws our attention to the issue of the mainstream media taking the Holy Father's words on condoms out of context, and that bloggers helped to make sure Catholic teaching on condoms was understood.

Elizabeth Scalia blogs at The Anchoress.


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