196, 109 lives lost...

These are the abortion figures for 2010...
* In total, there were 196,109 abortions notified as taking place in England and Wales in 2010.
* 34% of women had one or more previous abortions with Black or Black British women being 48%
* The abortion rate in 2010 was highest at 33 per 1,000 for women aged 19 and 20.
* 96% of abortions were funded by the NHS.
* 91% of abortions were carried out at under 13 weeks gestation.
* 2,290 abortions (1%) were carried out under ground E (risk that the child would be born handicapped),
* In 2010, there were 85 abortions which involved selective terminations. In 51 cases, two foetuses were reduced to one foetus.


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