Please buy this fellow a copy of ET, and tell him to stop wasting our taxes on UFO "X Files"

A member of the European Parliament, an Italian chap by the name of Mario Borghezio is adamant that there is a “systematic cover-up” of UFO and alien files. Mario is calling on the EU to open secret files, and argues that the EU ought to create an “X-Files” database of UFOs, including data gathered by the military.
What value does he believe this will have? Once opened, the files would have “major scientific and technological spin-offs”. Oh, and that because of transparency and freedom of information, people should know about things such as UFOs.
The premise of Mario’s argument rests on the opinion that aliens and UFOs are definite and real scientific facts and are in themselves physical realities. This EU political debating (of the third kind) would be below the standard of rhetoric for most secondary school debating competitions. Yet, our taxes fund this sort of blarney in a parliament on a daily basis.
Someone ought to buy him ET, and tell him that the scientific fact of the matter is that ET, the puppet was made of plastic. Only break it to him gently, he’s probably hoping that your taxes will pay for ET’s return to earth.
PS – Mario Borghezio is also seeking the support of the other 736 MEPs and is collecting signatures on a statement calling on governments to act. He has 18 signatures so far.


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