‘Guidelines’ aborted in the north! Cheers!

The abortion ‘guidelines’ have been officially dropped by the health department in the north of Ireland. Together the ‘guidelines’ form a document that could potentially have been used to legalize abortion through the back door, and in doing so legalize abortion in the land mass of Ireland. These ‘guidelines’ were re-introduced in February, but just two days ago Jim Wells, Chairman of the Health Committee received a letter declaring the withdrawal of these interim guidelines that allow for ‘legal’ abortion in certain cases. Instead, there will be a public consultation launched. Public consultation? Precisely, what is this? One hopes this public ‘consultation’ will be respectful of Northern Ireland’s very pro-life public.

In the wake of this great news, Liam Gibson, of SPUC Northern Ireland commented that;
"We are very pleased that the health minister has withdrawn the interim guidance. This was the aim of the SPUC's application for a judicial review, due to be heard in September. The health minister has done the sensible thing by withdrawing the guidance. Otherwise he would have been ordered by the courts for a second time to withdraw it.”

This marvellous development has come just days after the magnificent Rally for Life in Belfast.
Fr. Finigan reported on the rally here

PS – Granted this post is about pro-life matters, and mentions some pro-life organisations by name; I would ask that ‘some’ do not waste their time writing to me with their insensitive opinions on pro-life groups and about pro-life individuals. We all have our faults – including those involved intimately in pro-life struggles – but I am not going to facilitate mudslinging from pro-lifer to pro-lifer on this, my personal blog. ‘Nuff said! Now, I’m raising a glass to celebrate! Cheers to everyone on the pro-life side!


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