Ah Tony, Ed and Mandy, at last we agree on something...

Mandelson’s memoirs have a poison-claw cattiness, claiming that Blair called Brown ‘mad, bad, and dangerous', and described Browns as "flawed, lacking perspective and having a paranoia about him.” According to Anthony Blair, Brown was "beyond hope of redemption.” Mandelson quotes Blair as having said,

"He's [Brown] like something out of the mafiosi. He's aggressive, brutal ... there is no one to match Gordon for someone who articulates high principles while practising the lowest skulduggery"
Well, Tony darling, it takes one to know one.
Mr Miliband on Mandelson: “I do not begrudge him at all the chance to offer his reflections, because I think he [Mandelson] served the party extremely loyally.
Agreed there Ed, Mandelson is only one of the most contemptible politicians to have ever held sway in British politics. He suited Lab’uh’ fine and dandy, dandy and fine.
Ed Miliband on Mandelson’s memoirs: the book should ‘close chapter’ on New Labour. At least Ed doesn’t mix his metaphors. And he’s right that, “we need to move on as a political party from the culture, methods and ways of that New Labour establishment.” But move on to where? Oh, I get it, some trips to a fancy advertising agency to draw up some jazzy posters and a trendy sounding title. ‘Newer Lab’uh’ anyone?

Mandelson prides himself on being a gay mentor...

Well, according to the old definition of ‘gay’, as being happy and funny, I have to say that I laughed my head off looking at this TV advert. I thought it was a satire – until I realised – the Dickensian setting of the crackling fireplace and the lightning sounding in the background were all for commercial effect. The book may look as entertaining as a panto, but isn’t it ironic that Mandy, who has trampled on British cultural goodness, relies on the traditional home-in-front-of-the-fire–with-my-dressing-gown-on to sell his seedy memoirs?


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