'You save money - We save lives'

This is how 'Catholic Values' (‘a brand new price comparison website with a difference’) describe their work.
I was delighted today to receive an e-mail from Agostino DiFalco, enlightening me as to the work of Catholic Values. www.catholicvalues.co.uk

Agostino DiFalco detailed the organisation as, 'a new non-profit making price comparison website. All the revenue we make (less minimal admin costs) go to pro-life charities. So next time you're renewing your car insurance or any financial service for that matter, if you come to our website and choose your supplier there, you'll save money and know that your transaction has triggered a commission which will go to pro-life causes. Simple. Please spread the word!’
The website also states; ‘Come to us for car, home, health and life insurance, mortgages, credit cards, loans, gas and electricity supply and more...'

What I really like about Catholic Values is that I feel I can trust their financial guidance, and there’s the huge plus that money will go to pro-life charities. In a time of financial hardship when a lot of Catholics cannot give as much to pro-life charities as we would like, it’s good to know that through using Catholic Values, we may also give money to the most deserving of charities.


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