Babies Saved; Miracles of the Miraculous Medal

Once, a very shy pro-lifer was trying her best to tell a young pregnant mum and her friend about the baby’s development. The girls just laughed in her face, and every effort to inform as to the personhood of the baby, that the little mite’s heart had been beating since 18 days or the visual image of the embryo at eight weeks were mocked.

The counsellor felt saddened and very low because the girls spoke so flippantly about the abortion. She decided to pass the matter over to Our Lady by giving each of the girls a Miraculous Medal to wear. To the counsellor’s surprise the girls wore the medal around their necks, but jeered at the mere idea of keeping the baby, and the pregnant mother brashly said that she would be having an abortion asap.
Many months later, the same girls sought to speak to the same pro-life advisor. The pregnant mother was now heavily pregnant, looking forward to the birth, and still wearing the Miraculous Medal.

Two seasoned pro-life advisors told me; a chief factor of their success in helping distressed pregnant mothers is to give the pregnant mothers Miraculous Medals. When these pro-life counsellors give the miraculous medal, they always invite the mother to wear it around her neck, as our Lady instructed us to wear it. Invariably they have found that if a mother keeps wearing the Miraculous Medal, even if she doesn’t know its significance, she will keep her baby.

In my home town of Cork, a lady in her twenties found out she was pregnant, booked a flight to London, gave a private clinic a deposite, and made a hotel reservation in London. She was walking through the windy streets of Cork, turned a corner into St. Patrick’s Street and was handed a Miraculous Medal by a member of the Legion of Mary. She had no idea what the medal was or why she had been given it; it was just a shiny piece of metal to her at first, but she felt drawn to it. She kept it in her hand, examined it and suddenly like an electric shock, she felt repulsed by her plans of travelling to London. All thoughts of the plans (and money spent) in preparation for the flight sickened her. ‘I really didn’t have a clue why I felt so sick at the thought of just getting on the flight’ she said to a mutual friend of ours. She missed the flight, kept the Miraculous Medal close at hand, and slowly became hugely disgusted for why she was travelling to London. She kept the baby, and does credit instant when she turned that street corner and was handed a Miraculous Medal as the split second that changed her life, and saved the life of her child.


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