Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Facebook to facilitate honouring of the Miraculous Medal?

It promises great graces to all who wear it with confidence. It is remarkably beautiful, Heaven-designed, Heaven-sent, and Heavan honoured.

This is why I was surprised when I trawled Facebook looking for a Facebook fansite for the Miraculous Medal, and found none. At this time of blogging, there's no Miraculous Medal fansite on Facebook that would allow a global Facebook-using-Miraculous-Medal-wearing populance to connect and swap insights.

This means, we have an opportunity to set one up.

I have had some lovely responses to my post 'Modern Miracles of the Miraculous Medal'. Most sincere thanks to all who commented and sent e-mails. Well done 'Puzzled' for your steadfastness in the faith; may God reward your fortitude.

Thanks to Pastor Emeritus who reminded me that the Miraculous Medal has its own feastday, November 27th. I actually didn't know the feastday date, and so I am better informed now.  This November day could be a day of rejoicing on Facebook when those who love Our Lady can log on and celebrate the feastday online. Maybe I am over-optimistic, but it would also provide a type of informal catechesis for people such as myself who didn't receive adequate catechesis at school.  And it would be Facebook evangelising for those who wander onto the fansite page.

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