Facebook to facilitate honouring of the Miraculous Medal?

It promises great graces to all who wear it with confidence. It is remarkably beautiful, Heaven-designed, Heaven-sent, and Heavan honoured.

This is why I was surprised when I trawled Facebook looking for a Facebook fansite for the Miraculous Medal, and found none. At this time of blogging, there's no Miraculous Medal fansite on Facebook that would allow a global Facebook-using-Miraculous-Medal-wearing populance to connect and swap insights.

This means, we have an opportunity to set one up.

I have had some lovely responses to my post 'Modern Miracles of the Miraculous Medal'. Most sincere thanks to all who commented and sent e-mails. Well done 'Puzzled' for your steadfastness in the faith; may God reward your fortitude.

Thanks to Pastor Emeritus who reminded me that the Miraculous Medal has its own feastday, November 27th. I actually didn't know the feastday date, and so I am better informed now.  This November day could be a day of rejoicing on Facebook when those who love Our Lady can log on and celebrate the feastday online. Maybe I am over-optimistic, but it would also provide a type of informal catechesis for people such as myself who didn't receive adequate catechesis at school.  And it would be Facebook evangelising for those who wander onto the fansite page.


  1. Great! Is the page up and running now?


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