Your Name is Needed to Help Catholic Adoption Agencies...

And the petition reads: We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Amend the Equality Bill to make space for Catholic Adoption Agencies.

The Background Info:

Forgive the revision book style bullet points, but to be succinct...

-          The  means of access of the Equality Bill allows Parliament its FIRST opportunity to modify (FOR THE GOOD OF CATHOLICS) the sexual orientation goods and services legislation that originally led to the near-abolition of Catholic adoption 2007. 
-         In the Commons, Ann Widdecombe MP has already put down an amendment to ensure that Catholic adoption agencies may continue, and gained 22 co-signatories from across the parties.

-          The e-petition (see link) is a great way of clustering Catholic co-operation for an amendment that will once again allow Catholic adoption agencies the agency they need to be holistically Catholic.

It takes one minute to sign, and your name will join with many well-known and distinguished Catholics.
St. Clothilde, patron saint of adoption, pray for this!


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