Selling The Pill at the back of our churches when the Pope visits? Part Two

The Pill writers are more in favour of Barack Obama’s policies, than Pope Benedict’s

Page after page of Pill articles have the same thrust, 'we the suffering progressive members of the Catholic Church must endure this regressive pope'. The irony is that while The Pill is trenchantly arrogant, it is also cowardly and anything but progressive. Let's look at this week's page 31 offering 'Vatican Shelves 200-page condom study'. The article makes it sound like a grand pity that a study on condoms, has been ‘apparently’ discarded. The word ‘apparently’ is their get-out clause here. The Pill writers or ‘Tabletistas’ as Damian Thompson calls them do not have absolute confirmation that this ‘study’ has been abandoned. But The Pill writers are reporting that this study, commissioned by the Vatican, looked into allowing married couples to use condoms if one of the spouses was HIV positive. Even if the Pill writers do not know for certain that the Vatican have jettisoned the study, they can’t help but join the golden elite of their pro-condom and anti-Catholic Church journalist colleagues, and give the church a good rub in the mud for not allowing condom use in this hard case – where a loving married couple are compromised because one partner may infect the other.

I have not read the supposedly ‘shelved’ study by the Vatican, and cannot since it may have been abandoned, but I have read studies on condom use that very simply portray condoms as being ineffective in preventing the spread of HIV from one partner to the other. Yeah, my mum (bless her) gave me those studies to read when I was fourteen. Would any mum of a Pill journalist be so kind as to look up the studies done on condom failure and pass them on to their offspring?

I mentioned above that The Pill is cowardly – yes – it will do anything to ‘follow the crowd’ , and is so slavishly loyal to ‘the principles of cool’, that it neglects truth and real education for the sake of being with the ‘in crowd’. Is it really true that Pill writers have never seen any of the hard core scientific evidence that outlines the dangers of relying on condoms? Or are they too spineless to admit that on a purely secular, scientific basis, condoms do not give sufficient protection, and that Mother Church is actually right?

Well, if The Pill journalists were going to turn anti-condom, they might have to endure the same bullying that every faithful member of the Catholic Church endures in this day and age of condomania.


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