Modern Miracle of the Miraculous Medal

Lorraine had been taking her groceries out of the trolley, and lining them up so that they could be scanned. She was in the Iceland shop in Middlesex. She bent over and her miraculous medal caught the light and its shine caught the attention of a middle-aged man behind Lorraine in the queue.The man gave Lorraine a scorching look. He gave Lorraine’s miraculous medal a look that would have melted Everest. 

A bit taken aback by the man’s obvious hate for the medal – or what the medal represented – Lorraine took a deep breath and asked him,
‘Am, is there something the matter?’
‘You’re wearing a miraculous medal’ the man said stonily in an Irish accent.
‘Oh, have you got one?’ asked Lorraine, a bit nervous of this Irish fellow at this stage.
‘Huh. I put it in the gas meter years ago because my sister was abused by Catholic priests in Ireland.’
‘That’s terrible’, Lorraine sympathised. ‘Those priests should not have been put in that position of caring for children. But the majority of priests do very good work. You can’t tar them all with the same brush.’
The man listened, and didn’t say anything, but was surprised that Lorraine had intelligent answers.
Lorrained continued, ‘regardless of what the priests have done, we need Jesus and the precious Eucharist to heal us at Holy Communion.’ Lorraine felt that she was implying that the man needed healing. The man softened and said,
‘Before in Ireland, a lot of men were pushed into the priesthood.’
Lorrained nodded, and the man said ‘I feel a lot better for having talked to you.’
Lorraine believes that the miraculous medal was the catalyst for this opportunity for the man’s conversion. Had Lorraine not been wearing the miraculous medal she would never have got into a conversation with this wounded man. 

Similarly, I was on the Bakerloo line in November, sporting a miraculous medal, when I found myself worrying about a pregnant friend of mine. Almost as a reflex at this stage, I blessed myself and began praying. My prayers are very childish and take much longer than other people’s because my thoughts interrupt the words of my prayers. While praying, I saw a lady stare at me, get out of her seat like she had had a fright, walk all the way down the carriage and not stop until she was leaning into me. Sighing, she said,
‘What are you doing...Are you one of those religious people?’ she said accusingly, and with a corrugated frown. Oh dear, not another ‘lady’ who feels duty bound to persecute Catholics. I didn’t think she was up for a two-way discussion, most likely she just wanted to berate me. So...
‘I can’t see how that is any of your concern’ I said, and extricating myself and my gigantic handbag from my seat, I walked around her, got out at the next stop and sighed with relief. Perhaps I had acted like a spineless coward in not engaging in discourse. I do, however, think that wearing the miraculous medal is in itself a good example and can jog the conscious of those who behold the miraculous medal. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the rays of grace from the miraculous medal are in the eyes of the scoffers.


  1. What a lovely post. Thank you. Incidentally not many people know that the Miraculous Medal has a feastday of its own....27th November. I am sure you know that but I mention the fact for some of your readers who may not.
    Best wishes.

  2. It always annoys me when people blame a whole section of society for something that a member/members do. Even the great number of priests - and they are far too many - who have abused children are NOT THE CHURCH. They are MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH! Yes indeed, the abuse of children is a terrible and evil thing and it should never be tolerated but, in my opinion, people who leave the church because of it are just looking for an excuse to leave. After all, we have heard a lot recently about mothers killing their children but we certainly don't for one minute blame all mothers for such horrors! In case you think me insensitive, I feel great compassion for those who have suffered at the hands of priests. Those men disgust me and I feel they should have the full weight of the Law thrown at them. But please remember, most priests are good, hardworking, faithful and decent men. Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, pray for us.

  3. Hello,

    Could you please tell me who the artist is of this painting of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal please? You can contact me at Thank you and bless you, Anne

  4. I am delighted everytime I see someone wearing a miraculous medal (last time was in the Underground).
    As a matter of fact, I intend to give a miraculous medal to my boss... She considers herself Christian, but she states that she does not believe in the Church, and much to my sorrow, her lifestyle leaves something to be desired. I care a lot for her, I must do something.


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