Oh dear me! Goodness gracious, have I ruffled some feathers! I'm in twouble, big twouble, am I gonna say sorrwy? Nope!

It all started when I posted a comment on the Baltimore Sun blog 'In Good Faith'. Good title for a blog? It sort of tells the blogger/reader that this blog covers matters of faith. Yes. Exactly. Those who put their faith in God will find this blog interesting...yada...yada...yada. Those who hate faith-based discussions may find the news stories and ‘quaint and religious’ commentators disagreeable.
On the 'In Good Faith' blog there was a news story on Roeder, the fella who's being imprisoned for the murder of the late-term abortion doctor Tiller. Some readers of my blog will take issue with my use of the word ‘murder', yet murder is defined in an American court room as the illegal taking of life, as opposed to the legally sanctioned medical 'procedure' of abortion.

I wrote a comment on this blog, and shall we say the comments left of the Americans who in-good-faith responded are not very appreciative of my contribution.
My central aim in writing the comment was to point out that whilst there is justice for abortion doctors who are shot, there is very little public awareness (or any?) that women routinely die ‘on the table’ during an abortion because of either medical negligence or because abortion carries risks in itself.


PS – I searched the web for pictures of Tiller’s trade, indeed pictures from his own practice. There were plenty of pictures available of Tiller holding...elongated dead babies. I can’t bring myself to put such pictures on this blog, because if one wants to see these pictures then it’s only a few clicks away. But you can do that of your own volition, not if it just pops out at you on Mary’s blog.


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