The flowers that shower the bowers in May...

Last month, I was blogging at every spare moment and forcing myself to post even when I found the subject matter uncomfortable such as The Judas Complex. Or, happily writing a post on something I find fascinating, such as Pope Francis' appearance Vs reality. 

Blogging is a little like eating in that you need a mix. The items that are a trial to eat like cabbage, and the treats like fillet mignon which hold your taste buds enthralled. I'd augur that readers feel the same way; they don't *like* reading posts that suggest we are quick to accuse others of being a Judas, but rarely point the finger at ourselves. But they find it healthy to read it because it was just before Good Friday, and perhaps 'good preparation'. 

But they like meaty posts that take an in-depth look at Pope Francis' history, and show the inconsistency between his past actions (clashing with the President of Argentina on gay marriage) and the expectations that the liberal left have for Francis. 

My beloved V&A
The response to my April blogging from my loyal gang of readers was that they wanted to see and hear more about me (I baulked at this, and am still mulling it over, but as everyone who comes in contact with me knows I am very private). 

Readers outside London always ask to see more touristy photos of London and accounts of London life. I admit that several years ago, when I first came to London I didn't understand the allure of London to others who live thousands of miles from the city that is fast becoming known as 'the capital of the world'. All my life, I've always lived on London's doorstep as it were, because Cork is only an hour from Heathrow by plane.  

I'm open to doing more blogs of sightseeing, only that many of the sights beloved by tourists, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum and the parks are thankfully my everyday scenery. 

Well, I can grant the first wish, and *show* more of myself in the form of a photo that was taken this week. A friend of mine and I were walking in Princess Gardens, and my friend was adamant about taking a photo because, "your dress matches the bush!"
The Pyracantha bush that blooms in May has a lot in common with me...


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