On LOVE...

Last night, after finishing my bleeding-heart post, I wandered over to the Marie Claire website, wanting to see if they had any articles / features from a pro-life perspective.  Happily, while over at feminist HQ, I stumbled upon this hopeful quote (below) by Audrey Hepburn.

When I meet people first, especially if I strike up a conversation with someone that I meet at a new exhibition at the V&A Museum,  they ask me if I write for the glamour magazines.  

I think if I were to write an article of this variety for Marie Claire, they *might* want me to put the emphasis on how socially-isolating and how it makes it difficult to date 'open-minded' men, when you are a pro-life Catholic, a sort of how-being-pro-life-is-its-own-punishment. I think the opposite - being openly pro-life can help you attract like-minded males. 


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