Whenever I blog about Pope Francis...

....there is a sharp rise in blog stats and there's a surge in comments. On average, I might get 500 hits a day, when I blog about Pope Francis it jumps to a minimum of 1,500. You can't deny that there is an intense interest in our Pope.

But I never thought that my own blog stats would rise, on account of readers wanting to access my blogs on Pope Francis. You see, there is such a wealth of articles, stories and features on the Pope the secular, mainstream media, not to mention the myriad blog posts published about him, that I thought fewer people would be interested in my blogs on Pope Francis. Surely their appetite for info about the Pope would be sated by the glossy mags.

According to my Traddie friends, I have become 'a rare bird', who goes to the Tridentine Mass, but writes favourably about Pope Francis, and writes about his personal piety.  So, I suppose it's the approach that I take when writing about Pope Francis that makes my writings on him a little different and adds variety to the reading diet of people who are insatiable for news about His Holiness. In my mini-bio of Pope Francis, I included that he says 15 decades of the Rosary each day. This has not featured highly (if at all...) in the mainstream media coverage of him!


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