The CBC Report on "the Francis Effect"

Last night, CBC broadcast their report on Pope Francis. At the start of my bit, I’m quoted as saying that a number of people assume that I’d become a woman priest were Pope Francis to allow them. Perish the thought! My on-camera appearance was edited not to include what I said next which was, “I’d never want to be a woman priest”. 

I don’t especially mind that they cut this sentence out. I was not being interviewed on the subject of myself (I’m too private to give a good personal interview). Instead, I was meant to report on the false expectations that people have of Pope Francis and the yawning chasm between the public perception of Pope Francis (e.g. that he’s a soft liberal who will change the teaching in accordance with feminism) and the real Pope who has underscored that he’s not even going to entertain plans of creating women cardinals or ordaining women priests. 

 Liberal Signs  Consverative Map 

I explained the history of the Pope’s opposition to same-sex marriage. But what was edited is that I said the Pope has shown great warmth to gay people. In Buenos Aires, before he was Pope, he kissed the feet of a gay man with AIDS. My main point is that the Pope does not view a person in terms of their sexuality, but in terms of their soul. 

Cardinal Lacroix gave a very balanced interview, and spoke well on the need for respect for life. If you liked Cardinal Lacroix's contribution, you can tweet at him, on @gclacroix


  1. Okay, well that settles it. You're magnetic on camera and should be on the air all the time if you could withstand the attention. I thought the CBC segment was fair and you and others spoke the truth of the situation memorably. So glad to be following your posts now!
    Your fan from San Juan Capistrano,


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