British Blogger Eccles may become a superstar in Canada

Eccles might be showcased on TV soon.  It all started when I was being interviewed on Pope Francis by CBC. The news team wanted to film me at my computer and when I said that I got a comment from Eccles on this post, they asked if they could film the screen. 

It may mean a spike in Eccles’ blog stats. But what if some good folk in Canada get it into their heads that they want to come to Britain and pinch Eccles? I fear that they will poach our sensational satirist. 



As anyone can plainly see, Eccles’s good looks and evident charisma mean that he could 
be a television celeb in his own right. Eccles has been hailed on Twitter as Britain’s best-looking blogger. And it can’t have been just me who noticed that Eccles's charming facial features are more on display than ever before because of the intense spring sunshine lighting up his face.  


  1. Ullo, Mary. A record four hits on my blogg yesterday, and only two of them were me. It's a great strain being famous.


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