"Some bold one you are! Who gave you leave to be kissing me?!"

Forgive the poor quality of this video and the fact that the audio comes in late and isn't quite in time with the scenes. I post it for the benefit of everyone who doesn't own The Quiet Man on DVD or didn't catch it on TV. 

There are better clips available, but embedding has been disabled. One such clip is 'the part in Irish' where Mary-Kate tells the priest that 'last night my husband did not sleep with me, but in a sleeping bag! Yes, a sleeping bag...with buttons!....Is it a sin?'
To which the priest replies; "Ireland may be a poor country, but here a married man sleeps in a bed and not a bag!"
Hope you are all enjoying St Patrick's feast festivities.


  1. Two other hilarious comments by Michaeleen O'Flynn:

    "Pittsburgh Massachusetts!" and "Prohibition" (followed by his amazing frown).

    Mary, the movie is a classic and O'Hara and Wayne had a very special film chemistry. It is one of my favorites.

  2. "When I drink whiskey, I drink whiskey. When I drink water, I drink water."


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