Join us for a great night!

Join us for the The Catholic Herald’s Friary Talks

Three speakers will engage you for 20 minutes each on subjects they are passionate about.
Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, former Anglican Bishop of Rochester, is an outspoken campaigner on behalf of Christian values. Karachi-born and Oxbridge-educated, Nazir-Ali retired in 2009 and now heads the Oxford Centre of Training Research Advocacy and Dialogue. He will talk about how Christians must assert themselves in the face secularism.

Peter Stanford, former editor of The Catholic Herald (1988-1992), has written widely on the subject of Catholic spirituality. His latest book, The Extra Mile, and the subject of the evening’s talk, looks at pilgrimages in the 21st century. Stanford is the director of The Longford Trust for penal reform.

Edward Lucas, International Editor of The Economist, is the magazine’s former Moscow correspondent. He drew on his experience behind the Iron Curtain to write the best-selling The New Cold War. His latest book, Deception, sheds light on the world of east-west espionage.
Chairing the talks is Cristina Odone, former editor of The Catholic Herald (1992-5), author and Daily Telegraph columnist and blogger.

Only £10 per ticket
Please reserve your tickets at the secure PayPal link on our web page.
Tickets are sold on a first-come first-served basis.
Once 60 places have been sold bookings will be closed.

Date: March 22nd.
Time: 6.30pm drinks. 7– 8pm talks. 8.30pm post-question drinks
Reserve your seats now, only 60 places available. Invites emailed when you book.
£10 includes drinks and light buffet


  1. Wish I could be there Mary but I shall be 12,000 miles distant.
    God bless.

    1. Richard, You'll be with us in spirit! I'll let Cristina Odone know that Linen on the Hedgerow is a fan.

  2. Aren't these rather dodgy "Catholics"?

    I recall Christina Odone having a great rant against the holy father on "Newsnight" on the very evening of his election in 2005.


    1. Hi Patricius,

      I suppose we are all 'dodgy' Catholics to some extent, all of us are sinners. Cristina has changed her mind about Pope Benedict in recent years. She stood up for him when he was being wrongly pilloried as the pope who had colluded with child abusers. She pointed out that Pope Benedict has 'fast-tracked' the defrocking of guilty priests and has stopped the practice of giving paedophile priests to therapists in the hope that psychological intervention is all that is necessary to cure and stop the abuser abusing.

    2. "all of us are sinners"

      Indeed. It goes without saying. I knew very little about the then new Pope when I saw Mrs. Odone's rant against him on that occasion. I have found it impossible to forget. It wasn't just personal, either. She also seemed to disagree with the Church's teachings on sexuality. Well there is more joy in heaven over one sinner...and all that. I trust her conversion is equally out in the public domain.


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