Cooking and Eating an Irish Flag

First the ingredients! Eggs, rice and broccoli are the essentials. Only the yummiest eggs for St Patrick's day; from Columbian blacktail hens.

While ordinary white rice and broccoli are boiling, mix two eggs. In a separate bowl, separate two eggs. Put the two yolks into the two eggs that are already mixed. Don't be scrupolous about the exta yolks, it's probably a sin to save on the cholesterol during this great feast. With a whisk or a fork, beat the eggs and the two yolks. Observe nice frothy, goldy bubbles on the top.

Heat a medium sized frying pan with olive oil. Pour the mixed eggs onto the pan. Turn down the heat - the flag has no brown streaks.
While the golden omlette is cooking... Puré the broccoli. Add mixed Italian herbs.

Allow the broccoli paste to cool. Whisk the two egg white until they are stiff and a soft white colour.
Fold in the egg whites onto the broccoli and add a tiny pinch more of Italian herbs.

Now you have a green goo that will be a broccoli omlette.
Prepare the frying pan again, and slowly cook a broccoli omlette in the same way you would cook a regular omlette. The albumin in the egg white will keep it springy.

Turn your attention to the rice. In the middle of a plate, arrange the rice in a rectangular shape.
Cut the golden omlette into a rectangle and place it to the right of the rice.

Fold over the green omlette and cut off the edges. Arrange it to the left of the rice. Sprinkle with salt. Ta-dah!


  1. I couldn't see what you were doing there, until the final picture! Great, but what does it taste like?

    1. Hi Bones,

      It tastes like omlette, broccoli and herbs with rice. Surprisingly good, but self-praise is no praise. Try it out, and let me know if you like it.

      Happy St Patrick's Day!


  2. How totally clever! Beautiful job. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Mary! God bless and keep you always.

    Dena Suarez


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