With heavenly perfume Padre Pio helped a couple put their marriage back together

A married couple in England were experiencing marriage problems – they were almost at the point of splitting. They felt unable to resolve the problems by themselves, so they wrote to Padre Pio but did not receive a written answer to their problem. The couple decided that they would go to St. Giovanni Rotondo to meet Padre Pio in person. But at that time, the journey was very arduous and it was in the middle of winter with snow falling. They put their doubts to one side, and embarked on the journey. 
On the way, they spent a night in Bern where they could only afford to stay in a shabby, rundown hotel. They were filled with doubt – they had travelled so far – and what if Padre Pio did not want to see them? Should they turn back? As they were discussing what to do, the room filled with a magnificent perfume, and the married couple became calm and still with this peaceful scent surrounding them. The wife looked for a source of this perfume, and thought that someone had left a bottle of perfume behind. But she found no bottle. A bit of time passed, and the beautiful perfume faded and the room’s usual stench came back. The married couple enquired of the hotel owner where the smell could have come from. But the owner said it was the first time any of the guests said they smelled perfume in his decrepit hotel!
When they reached San Giovanni Rotondo, they approached Padre Pio, and the husband who spoke good Italian, asked Padre Pio: “We wrote to you, Father, but since you have not answered us…” “What?” Padre Pio interrupted saying: “Why do you tell me I did not answer you? Did you not smell anything that evening in the Swiss hotel?” The couple finally understood the meaning of the perfume, and understood that it was sent to help them with their marriage troubles. Padre Pio counselled them on their marital strife, and they were able to put their problems behind them.


  1. Love you Padre Pio...Thank you!!!!

  2. We had a Padre Pio scent event, my wife, my daughter Grace and I. We all smelled it in our bedroom, first my wife, then my daughter came in and remarked on the smell, then I smelled it: it came and went several times. I had been reading the Padre Pio biography alot in those days, and I had it by me on the bed. The smell, as we all noticed, was like tobacco but sweet. The windows were not open. At random I opened the book on Padre Pio and it came open to a page that read that it was recorded that his perfume was sometimes a sweet tobacco scent. It was a tough time for us then with our 2 foster daughters. But it worked out o.k. in the end...

  3. uomo -- I was overcome by the sweet fragrance while reading his biography as well, the biography I was reading was written by Fr. Carty of the Frs. Rumble and Carty Radio Replies show.

    The book was written while the good Padre was still alive. Fr. Carty went to live with him for a short while. Many years later, I realized the beautiful biography I had found in a second hand book store, was also signed by Fr. Carty.

    I know it was heaven sent.

  4. Pray, Hope and don't Worry....

    Trust always in Padre Pio .....

    God be with you all....


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