Bronx, NY Planned Parenthood tells pimp he can pose as "guardian" for underage sex slaves

When I lived in New York, the abortion 'clinic' featured in this Live Action video was rumoured to be the 'busiest' clinic in New York, by 'busy', it meant that this place did the most abortions. And because I worked across the road from this 'clinic', I saw multitudes going in, and from spot across the road, we were able to see the ambulances pulling up to take girls to hospital when 'the safe and easy procedure' hadn't gone well...
I went into this Planned Parenthood clinic in the Bronx with my friend Charlie Quinn. We were armed with a pro-life pamphlet that we were going to just show it to the staff. We got chased out by the security guard, with very colourful language shouted at us. Far more successful strategies are being used by Lila Rose to show the true colours of America’s largest abortion provider nefarious' practice. Moral of the story - go into Planned Parenthood with a pro-life pamphlet and be chased down the street. Or go in as a pimp and be treated like one of them. Sweet.


  1. The word "confidentiality" traditionally had an air of professionalism relating to its usage- it appears to have lost all its former connotation. It is now clinic slang for "cover-up" illegal malpractice. Thanks Mary. I love hearing stories of you and Charlie heroically entering seriously hostile situations- having seen you in less stressful situations, protests etc looking somewhat nervous- yet you do it anyway- hurray for you Mary! Graceful, beautiful and wonderfully brave! God bless you!

  2. Abby Johnson, former director at PP Texas said:
    Abby Johnson: Pro-life advocate wrote: "That's so pathetic that they won't even let you show another "choice" to workers!"

    I should say that we didn't actually meet any of the staff - we were thrown out before that was a possibility.


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