Padre Pio: "When the Lord entrusts a soul to me, I place it on my shoulder and never let it go."

May we always remember and take comfort in this promise from Padre Pio. When Padre Pio spoke of his devotion to his spiritual children, he said that he keeps the souls entrusted to him on his shoulder, and never forsakes them. It is believed that Padre Pio during his life on earth, offered up the slicing pain of his shoulder aches for his spiritual children.
In the summer of 2009, I was fretting that I had not prayed to Padre Pio in some time, and was worried that Padre Pio had ‘forgotten’ me. A friend of mine who is mid-twenties like me, and who became a nun said to me that Padre Pio never neglects anyone who has prayed to him. Just because it had slipped my mind to pray to him - it didn't mean that Padre Pio would cease to intercede for me. Padre Pio puts his spiritual children on his shoulder – the very place where he felt the most agony. This shows the love and importance Padre Pio gives his spiritual children, he would offer up his greatest physical trial for the souls that are his children in spirit.


  1. Padre Pio, My spiritual Father..Plz help my temporal and spiritual needs...Thank you for your loving intersession and all that it has given us...

  2. Laurence E. Caliboso20 September 2011 at 23:44

    Father pio pls help me to bring my prayer to our Lord Jesus.

  3. heureusement on ne peut pas s'en quitter de ce que nous a été confie en Dieu


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