Padre Pio: the Infant Jesus’ newborn cries were ‘the first ransom for our redemption’

Far into the night, at the coldest time of the year, in a chilly grotto, more suitable for a flock of beasts than for humans, the promised Messiah – Jesus – the savior of mankind, comes into the world in the fullness of time.
There are none who clamor around him: only an ox and an ass lending their warmth to the newborn infant; with a humble woman, and a poor and tired man, in adoration beside him.
Nothing can be heard except the sobs and whimpers of the infant God. And by means of his crying and weeping he offers to the Divine justice the first ransom for our redemption.
He had been expected for forty centuries; with longing sighs the ancient Fathers had implored his arrival. The sacred scriptures clearly prophesy the time and the place of his birth, and yet the world is silent and no one seems aware of the great event. Only some shepherds, who had been busy watching over their sheep in the meadows, come to visit him. Heavenly visitors had alerted them to the wondrous event, inviting them to approach his cave.
So plentiful, O Christians, are the lessons that shine forth from the grotto of Bethlehem! Oh how our hearts should be on fire with love for the one who with such tenderness was made flesh for our sakes! Oh how we should burn with desire to lead the whole world to this lowly cave, refuge of the King of kings, greater than any worldly palace, because it is the throne and dwelling place of God! Let us ask this Divine child to clothe us with humility, because only by means of this virtue can we taste the fullness of this mystery of Divine tenderness. 
From Frank Rega's translation of Padre Pio's Christmas Meditation. Thank you, Frank for translating this work for us, and making it available online. May Padre Pio interceed for you all your days.  


  1. Padre Pio's meditation is very reminiscent of a sermon by one of the Fathers of Church or by one of the great monastic preachers of the twelfth century. I imagine he must have been steeped in the writings of the great saints and theologians of the early centuries.

  2. Excellent post and an inspiration to keep the secular at bay over Christmas!

  3. Love Padre Pio wth the Baby Jesus. It's like a taste of heaven


  5. donny n. beltran, sfo9 December 2010 at 20:49

    How I'd love to meditate on the first christmas that took place in bethlehem. welcome into my heart, lord jesus christ. pax et bonum


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