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Elizabeth comments that her baby John leaps in her womb when Our Lady, pregnant with Jesus, approaches her. The future John the Baptist's jubilant bounce marks the joyousness of the occasion of the visit of Jesus to his home.
At the time of Our Lady's visit to Elizabeth, Jesus would have been an embryo, but even in his tiny embryonic state he is still recognised as fully human and Divine. I don’t mean to sound too preachy, but there’s a profound, echoing message here for our generation. There are endless debates among Catholics and Christians as to whether or not embryos are ‘human’ or not or if they have any ‘value’. Yet the founder of our Christian religion, Jesus Christ was celebrated as the Messiah, when He was an embryo.
Twitch-of-the-mantilla to Mulier Fortis, I saw this video on her outstanding blog.


  1. The Baby leaping in Elizabeth's womb is a wonderful image. Contrast it with the line in last night's episode of 'The Nativity' when Elizabeth states: 'My Baby gave such a kick when I saw you'
    I know which version I prefer.

  2. I actually thought The Nativity was quite magisterially correct, i.e., faithful to Scripture and Tradition. Just watched all four episodes on iPlayer and thought the Maji's Matthean Hebraic and Johannine Hellenic references were apropos. I thought the Christology came through quite well, even if a multiplicity of hermeneutical options were addressed.

    Pretty good for the BBC I must say.


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