Jesus's genealogy and colourful ancestors

Hat tip to Apostolate of the Laity for spotting this interesting video.


  1. We may find that we are more related than people realize. Me for example, My line goes from New Orleans of Irish decent Philander Williams and Savoy families which Connect through the Irish and British kings on through Tamar of David, King of the 12 tribes of Israel back to Noah and Adam. And in looking into these lines we find that we are related directly to each of the 12 tribes in one way or the other. The truth is we are all related to Noah, and are all brethren. It is only because of evils spirits of doubt, fear, jealousy, covetousness, and Pride being allow to lead us, that our good spirits of love are so bound that we have war, division, indifference and bloody sibling rivalry, of a way, led down the generations through spirits of belief. But in having compassion for the truth, we find peace in giving in charity mercy, in abiding in truth, having freedom and forgiveness given by God, through Christ Jesus in The Truth of The Way.


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