Satan went into Padre Pio's confessional and pretended to confess his sins

The prince of darkness acted as a suavely dressed, courteous young man and went into Padre Pio’s confessional…  This is beloved St. Pio’s own account:  “One day, while I was hearing confessions, a man came to the confessional where I was. He was tall, handsome, dressed with some refinement and he was kind and polite. He started to confess his sins, which were of every kind: against God, against man and against the morals. All the sins were obnoxious! I was disoriented, in fact for all the sins that he told me, but I responded to him with God’s Word, the example of the Church, and the morals of the Saints.   But the enigmatic penitent answered me word for word, justifying his sins, always with extreme ability and politeness.  He excused all the sinful actions, making them sound quite normal and natural, even comprehensible on the human level.. He continued this way with the sins that were gruesome against God, Our Lady, the Saints, always using disrespectful round-about argumentation. He kept this up even with with the foulest of sins that could be conjured in the mind of a most sinful man.  The answers that he gave me with such skilled subtlety and malice surprised me. I wondered: who is he? What world does he come from? And I tried to look at him in order to read something on his face. At the same time I concentrated on every word he spoke, trying to discover any clue to his identity.. But suddenly; through a vivid, radiant and internal light I clearly recognized who he was. With a sound and imperial tone I told him: “Say long live Jesus, long live Mary!” As soon as I pronounced these sweet and powerful names, Satan instantly disappeared in a trickle of fire, leaving behind him an unbearable stench.” 


  1. Wow! never knew this one! But what struck me is the eerie accuracy with which Padre Pio's account of the "penitent"'s reasoning matches with the current day shrouded language of the culture of death - used to promote everything from legislation against life to the right to evil.

  2. I have found myself justifying my sinful actions on occasions, I would guess others have also experienced this. It is mainly to do with pride. I am not sure if the last part is suppose to be taken as literal truth,

    "Satan instantly disappeared in a trickle of fire, leaving behind him an unbearable stench"

    Is it a metaphor on the effects of rebuking Satan in our Lord's name? I do not know Padre Pio's writing style.

  3. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your comment. I doubt if the horrible stench and the trickle of fire were metaphors. Satan and his minions used to attack Padre Pio in several different disguises and Padre Pio always described their appearances exactly as they happened, using plain concise words. Padre Pio also wrote to his superiors that the devil wanted him to keep it secret that he appeared to him.
    A witness to satan going into Padre Pio’s confessional was Fr. Pierino who was also a spiritual son of Padre Pio’s. Also, the horrible stench from satan would have been in contrast to the beautiful heavenly fragrance from Padre Pio’s wounds.
    PS – My Microsoft word spell checker is telling me to use a capital ‘s’ when writing satan. My answer to Microsoft – they have to change the rules for their spell checker.

  4. John 14:15 If ye love me, ye will follow my commandments.

    There is no pride when it comes to sin in all humility with tears confess your sins and repent...there is no justification, love God to avoid going against any commandment do not judge your brother but work on eradication of evil within self. Some apparitions websites:,,, (modern day Lourdes in Ohio). Rebuke bad thoughts do not fornicate leave NO DOORWAY to sin to the enemy...ask God close all doorways openned that should be closed...say Jesus Jesus Jesus in your house and throughout the day....walk pray your houses. Sprinkle holy water around the walls of your house. All near death experience I've read of those that were shown HEAVEN and hell "hell always had horrible stench"

  5. Thank you Mary for fighting with microsoft word spell checker and for the article.
    Seeing so many haloween products in the market nowadays it's really good to know that there still are sensitive and intelligent people in this world who know who is who and what is what...


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