The novena prayer to St. Jude that has never been known to fail

Here is part of Mulier Fortis’ account of St. Jude’s miraculous intercession in her life.  “I was seriously ill when I came back to the Church: in constant pain, and almost immobilised, needing crutches to get around. I'd had several years' worth of attention from various doctors, surgeons and hospitals and I'd been told that it was probably all in my head... I finally had discovered a surgeon who believed I was suffering from something physically wrong, and duly went on the waiting list for an operation that might just work. Eventually.

After about a year on the list I rang the hospital to find out how things were progressing. The bed manager at the hospital had only bad news: due to funding problems, the theatre time for the whole orthopaedic department had been slashed to 25% of the normal caseload. She reported that I would be lucky to be called in for an operation before another nine months had passed, and more probably not before a year.

As I put the phone down, I thought that the situation was hopeless... which made me remember St Jude. I had a copy of the novena prayer from the Shrine of St Jude in Faversham, and I decided to give it a go.

I was so ill that I didn't actually manage to complete the novena (I was taking morphine tablets and concentrating on anything for any length of time was a little difficult) but on what would have been the ninth day, a letter arrived from the hospital telling me that I was scheduled for surgery at the end of the month, and asking me to ring to confirm.

Unsurprisingly, I rang back immediately. I spoke to the bed manager again, and asked her why there had been the sudden change - she had been so definite the last time we spoke. She told me that she had no idea why I had been bumped to the top of the queue, the surgeon had just told her that I would be next.

I was just managing to go to Mass each day at this point, so I went to say "thank you." I was utterly convinced that I had experienced a miracle, though part of me was still terrified that nothing would actually work. You can imagine how I felt when the Gospel was read out, with words that went straight to my heart: "Pick up your bed and walk."  Read the full account here.


  1. beautiful!just... beautiful! thank you

  2. O most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven. Blessed Mother of The Son of God. Immaculate Virgin, assist me in this, my necessity. There are none who can withstand your power.

    O star of the sea, help me and show me herein you are my Mother (make request).

    O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee (three times). Holy Mary I place this cause in your hands (three times). Thank you for your mercy towards me and mine.

    This prayer must be said for three days and after that the request will be granted (will never fail).

    This prayer must be published immediately. Never known to fail

  3. Thanking you in advance for favours I know you will grant me . Amen


  5. Dear God and Faithful Saint Jude,

    Thank you for all that I have in my life. I am at my lowest point of my life now and faithfully pray for a miracle. I, my little daughter and our ill dog have been without help nor assistance for quite sometime.

    I pray for prosperity and well being. I pray that I am able to care for my little family, afford medical help for my daughter and dog, pray for money for rent, food and the Holidays and to care for others and this world after I am at a stable good place.

    Thank you deeply.


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