The St. Benedict Medal cured this sheepdog of a cruel wound

It looked like my sheep dog had been attacked with a sword. There was a gaping wound on the side of her back and the skin was curling around it in grey cuffs. Thank God, no one called the animal rights activists! But how on earth had this happened? Later I found out that while my father had been cooking at the stove, our sheepdog Polly had darted at him, started rounding up his legs (like my Dad was a sheep…) and Dad lost the grip on a pan which fell with its contents on Polly. Polly had scarpered into some bushes and was feverously licking her wound. A trip to the vet, expensive treatments and a dog collar to keep her from attacking her wound… But some weeks later it was no better. She was still not eating, and had a type of doggy depression. And her duties were falling by the wayside! Polly is a ‘working dog’ in that she ‘looks after’ my brother who has autism. If he finds himself in difficulty, she alerts someone to come to his aid. Literally, Polly will go to one of my parents, bark in ‘that way’, round them up by twirling around their legs and lead them to my brother. The vet told us that it would take a lot of time and that the fur would never grow back. I remembered reading that the St. Benedict medal had cured a variety of animals – instantly – from various ailments. Grudgingly and a bit sceptical, I put the St. Benedict Medal next to her wound and then (I’m not sure if this is kosher) I attached it to her collar. The next day I could hardly believe my eyes. It was like healing balm had come over the wound, it was almost better! She was eating bowls of food and joyfully bounding up to me. Why hadn’t I taken before and after photos? Had I believed that the St. Benedict’s medal would help my darling little dog, I would have taken pictures of the wound. The fur grew back in parts, but there is still a bald patch and the skin is very off-colour. Polly doesn’t seem to notice!
Here is a link to a list of pious purposes for the medal which include:
·  Expectant mothers have obtained special assistance for a safe delivery.

·  In time of storms, tempests and other dangers on land and sea it has been found to be a protection.

·  Even domestic animals have been visibly aided by it when infected with disease.

PS – I named our sheepdog ‘Polly’ after the character in Fawlty Towers. And later, when Polly had pups, we called them Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, and Mercutio. We balked at calling one ‘Macbeth’. The poorest of dumb animals would never deserve that!


  1. Hey Mary do you believe animals go to Heaven? I mean you know the pig thing? pigs are as smart as 3 year old humans, so they feel, suffer, understand, enjoy, love, much as humans! so why do the 2 year old kid get to go to Heaven, while the pig doesn't? Thanks for your awesome blog!

  2. Catholic Sacramentals do help animals. My grandmother has a custom of taking holy water out to sick cattle, and it invariably works.

    I carry a blessed Saint Benidict's medal around with me in my Rosary case. There is an inscription on it, which essentially says to Old Nick, "Don't bother me: drink your own poison."

    As the Saint Benedict's medal has a Cross, and this prayer insribed on it, it is a pocket exorcism.

    I have great devotion to Saint Benedict, as his intercession keeps evil thoughts and scruples at bay. In his rule he says, "Dash them [evil thoughts] off Christ, as off a rock."

    If one of Saint Benedict's monks was suffering from scruples or evil thoughts, he would bash him on the head with his abbatial crozier to cure him.

  3. @ Fallen Elendil, I don't actually believe that animals have souls, and so I don't believe that they go to Heaven. As for the 'pig thing', one three year old is worth a million of those non-kosher animals!
    I'm glad Elendil that you enjoy my blog :-)

  4. Hi Ciaran,

    Great comment from you as usual! I think the St. Benedict's medal should have greater popularity these days now that our Pope is called Benedict.

    God bless you and with lots of prayers, Mary

  5. I do believe animals go to Heaven. As a Catholic Bishop once said to me, "Animals are the only creatures of God that cannot possibly offend Him by sin!"

  6. My dog was still, her eyes fixed , tongue swollen, & I placed the medal close to her The medal was also placed on the tomb of Holy Seplecure. She was revived. Now joyfully plays & loves to eat again. The medal was put over my head in Spirit at the 3oclock mour during the big blizzard last year. I ran & put it over my head. Praise God !!!!!!! Sandy from McHenry ,Il

  7. I too believe that animals go to heaven. Especially beloved pets. Love is the bridge and everything He creates is precious to Him. Animals are very important in Revelation- Jesus comes back on a white horse, remember? And as far as having souls....the best theology is only and imperfect attempt to explain great Mystery. We are only humans...we are not God. I trust His mercy.

  8. I believe they go to heaven too. The best argument I've heard for this is that if God allows his beautiful creation in heaven like the flowers and trees, then why his animals who have such a profound impact on his beloved people.

  9. Our Cavalier (dog) died a year ago. Two days after, I was putting my shoes on, and I heard that distinctive cough (he died of congestive heart failure)just a few feet from me. I mentioned this to my husband, and he said he heard that cough just one foot from him the night. About a month later, I was at the computer quietly reading, and I heard our dog shaking with ears flapping. I left our bedroom and slightly closed the door. Five minutes later, my husband comes out and said that our dog was barking at the bedroom door to be let out where I was. I definitely think dogs go to heaven! Thanks be to God!

  10. Animals go to heaven.JPII called them our little
    brothers.They are a creation of God and there is a place for them in His kingdom

  11. Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints.

  12. St. Paul says "that all creation awaits the time of fulfillment." I'm getting a shelter dog this Spring......and the St. Benedict I will put on his collar is all ready for him!

  13. This idea that a dog can't go to heaven because he "doesn't have a soul" leads me to ask a few questions:
    1 How do we know he doesn't have a soul? Maybe he has a soul, just different than ours
    2 Even so, if dogs don't have souls, how do we know they can't go to heaven anyways. Whatever they do have is precious & beautiful and worthy, even if humans are emminently moreso.
    3 Why would God allow lesser creatures - ie streams, trees, flowers in heaven and then shut the door on dogs?
    4 What good father would deny his child this affection without a substantial reason (I don't know how to express it better, but please understand I don't mean any disrespect)

  14. I sure hope they go to heaven, I have never heard a person who has had a near death experience mention seeing any pets, only people.

    My dog 14 years old was put to sleep by vet at our home as she was suffering. Next night I heard her hit the screen on the sliding door in my bedroom. I went over and there was nothing there, but she tried to go thru it.

  15. I like to think that all the wonderful things we have here on earth are that much more wonderful in heaven and I would like to think that animals are there as well. Especially our beloved pets. We won't really know until we arrive. Of course we have to merit the arrival in to heaven. God Bless.

  16. I believe animals go to heaven as well, the Holy Bible is full of stories where animals are mentioned, I often think of the visions of Ezekial the Cherubim or the four living creatures.
    Cherubims even though of Angelic nature have the face of an eagle a lion and ox and a human face,I find it facinating and another example is the lives of the lives of the Saints.
    St.Francis of Assisi
    St. Anthony of Padua
    St.Anthony Abad
    St. Roch
    St Martin of Porres
    St. John Bosco
    And one more and a favorite story I read only 6 weeks ago, I will post part of it:
    "As his death drew near, St. Columba shared this secret with his companion, Diarmid — it was soon to be his day of rest, his own Sabbath. He was tired from the toil of this life, and his Lord had invited him to be with him. Columba understood that he would die around midnight, following the footsteps of his fathers in the faith. At this, Diarmid wept. Columba tried to comfort him as well as he could.

    Columba then headed back to his monastery one last time, but he was so weary that he stopped to take a rest by the side of the road. As he was sitting beside the road, his white horse ran up to him and leaned his head against the holy man's chest, drenching his shirt with his tears, which poured into his lap.

    Diarmid rose to push the horse away from his beloved friend, but Columba stopped him, saying, “Allow this lover of mine to shed his tears on my chest. For this horse, being an animal, understood instinctively that I was going to be with my Lord, yet you, as a man, could not foretell this.”

  17. St. Benedict medals, with their lengthy and splendid special blessing from the Roman Ritual, are great helps for both bodies and souls! :D

  18. 'Not a aparrow falls'. 'The ENTIRE Creation groans for the day of deliverance.'

    Considering these poor creatures suffer and die because of the disobedience of man. Then I'd think the Good God would be only too happy to bring them to deliverance too one day. :-)

    In the Kingdom the lion shall sleep with the lamb.

    I think Francis would have thought so too. :-)

    That's the goodness of God - the power of Love - to raise again to life and that sin and death would have tried to claim as its own.

  19. I also had an animal healed through the assistance of St. Benedict. A stray cat who we'd befriended showed up at our door with a draining abcess on his head. We didn't have the money for the vet, so we cleaned it as best we could and started praying. When it looked like it was getting worse, I touched holy water and, on impulse, as I'm a Benedictine oblate, decided to touch my oblation medal to the wound and ask for St. Benedict's intercession. Within a few days, the wound healed up and the fur grew back so in a week there was no sign-and the wound had been a quarter-inch deep!
    What was even more amazing was what we found out a few months later - he'd been FeLV positive, had nearly no immune system, and a vet told us the abcess should have outright killed him within a day, even if he'd gotten prompt vet treatment.

  20. As for animals going to heaven...Look at scripture
    In the next world Heaven comes down to a new Earth.
    we are going to be living in perfected Earth. the Lion will lay down with the sheep..Horses are mention in scripture..God created animals for followship with Humans. I believe your pets will join you in a new Earth when God dwells amoungst his people...Amen..I love my pets

  21. My terrier was killed and I went back out to work at an oil rig and was sitting in my trailer crying when the manager of the ranch where we were drilling came in and asked me what was the matter. I told him that Little Jack was gone and that I could see no evidence in the Scriptures that we would meet again in the afterlife. He told me that he felt the same way when his saddle horse died, but his Mexican workers told him that when we get to Heaven all our good dogs and all our good horses will be there waiting for us.

  22. Check out "Miracles of St. Benedict and His Medal" on Amazon.

  23. Our Lord promeses in Holy Scripture that when He returns to the Earth He will RENEW EVERYTHING.

    That being said Our Lord will renew our bodies, since we will have resurrected bodies that meanst everything else will be renewed and that will include animals and ALL CREATION as well.

    Have a Blessed New Year everyone!

  24. An update on dogs going to heaven.

  25. When I worked for the Museum of Natural History, one of the perks was early admission to the building -- employees were free to visit the exhibits before the public was admitted. The entire fourth floor was a dinosaur exhibit. So many, & such a variety of creatures, & their lives were spread over MILLIONS of YEARS. Humanity has not been around as long. Point? I think that God likes his creation & is very fond of all his creatures. You may not like it, but this evidence leads me to believe that God has his own Jurassic Park in heaven. Whether or not he lets you visit it - is moot.

  26. Our family has used blessed St. Benedict Medals on our dogs and cats for protection.
    This Medals are powerfull we ourselves in our family used them around our neck or carry them in our car or attached to our Rosaries.

    I believe ALL St. Benedict Medal should be Blessed.

    One more thing on the subject on dogs and our pets going to heaven I thought I would share this:

    We lost our beloved dogs this within the space of one year and the Veterinarian Clinic send us a card with the poem Over the Rainbow Bridge.

    When I read something that touches me I like to investigate more about it.

    This is all I could find and I feel very satisfied with the answer especially since a I once heard a priest who is well informed on Theological matters say that the inventions we have they already exist and that they were only discovered by us.

    You will have to read the whole article on this site, then what I am trying to say here will make sense to you.

  27. Attaching a holy medal to a pet's collar is encouraged by the Church. The patron saint of animals is St Francis of Assisi. Medals are made specifically for the purpose of attaching them to a pet's collar. God created the animals -- He loves and cares for them too.

  28. I am a product of the Benedictine nuns and they always said Saint Benedict also helped animals as well as Francis and Anthony of Padua. I dip my Saint Benedict medal in my animals" water every night adn it helps..>As far as going to Heaven,I suggest you read Brother Jack Wurtz's book "Will I See Fido in Heaven" and any of Gary Kurtz's books such as Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates or or "Wagging Tails in Heaven." I believe Schweitzer said that he did not care where he went when he died as long as he was with the animals..Paraphrase..sorry...I have lost four animals,two dogs and two cats,the last four years and am looking forward to seeing them again...

  29. Hallo I'm glad that the little dog is recovering, my pony recently suffered a horrendous eye injury which the vets said would mean she would lose her eye. Every day we put water on it from a local holy well which is known to cure eye complaints, St Mochua's well has been there since his death in 657 AD, and now the pony's eye is healed, thanks be to God. My mother often told me the story of a local man years ago who laughed at those who believed in the well, he mocked them by putting the water on the eye his cart horse who was blind in one eye to show that the it was nonsense. A short time later the horse regained its sight, but the unfortunate man went blind in one eye himself...a moral there somewhere!

  30. I placed a Guardian and St Michael's chaplet medal aftet adpoting a dog used for fighting. He was going to be euthanized after killing a dog in his previous home. He was very scarred and neurotic when I took him in.
    After placing the medals and blessing him with holy water he looked up wide eyed and laid down submissively for the first time and we haven't had any issues since. I'm of training him as a therapy dog. PRAISE GOD!!

  31. Apologies for my lateness in joining the blog response list.
    I always find Heaven an interesting discussion topic!! (My apologies also Ms O Regan for not commenting on the bulk of your post...which was of extreme interest I must add!)

    Surely the answer to the 'Do dogs go to Heaven' question lies in the 'can things other than Humans **choose** to/not to go to heaven?'.
    I may be presuming quite a lot, but Ms O Regan, would I be correct in thinking that your response about dogs not having souls (not at least in the way in which we view a human soul) and therefore not 'going' to heaven, could be founded on the understanding that dogs, (just as we don't consider them being able to choose between good and evil), would not need to make a final choice between ultimate good/evil, which we would consider a choice for or against heaven and eternal life with Ultimate Good...=God? Meaning dogs/animals do not choose to, or not to, go to heaven.

    (a rambling paragraph which may only make sense on 3rd reading! sorry!)

    In this sense, those able to 'go to heaven' (this being an active verb!) would be those able to make the decision to go. I.e, those with Free Will, as we understand it.

    However, playing devils advocate (rather ironic, I know!), I would suggest (of course we will only know for sure when we are there, God willing!) that 'going to heaven' and 'being in heaven' don't necessarily mean having to take the same route! We humans are able to choose....but for the creatures that God has created (and that therefore mirror the Godhead by the fact that they are created by him...I add; not in the extra way that we mirror God i.e, through our souls!)it is very possible that they will 'be in heaven' without the need to have to choose. After all, it definitely won't be on earth that the 'The wolf shall dwell with the lamb: and the leopard shall lie down with the kid' Isaiah 11:6!

    I like to think that just as God created the world to be at peace with itself (rather rogered by the impact of original sin!) so too will the world, in all it's glory, be present in heaven! (don't worry, heaven isn't a place for phobias won't be present anymore!...and animals will not make us sick, as I'm sure they wouldn't have done in the garden of Eden!) :) interesting dilemma and one that we shan't understand fully until we are given the final choice ourselves!

    I may have given the impression that I'm sitting on the fence here....sort of understanding and encorporating both sides...but I hasten to add, we are not the same as animals and are made different for a purpose. God isn't into eugenics, which is why He most probably leaves intellectual capacity at the proverbial door (after all, if He created us as different intellectuals it it He above all others who realises that getting into heaven has nothing to do with 'self awareness' or 'intellectual capacity'!)... (discrediting arguments which say that inherent 'dignity' is based on self-awareness...i.e, 'we can experiment with handicapped/vegetavive patients but not 'intellectual' animals'.)

    Heaven help us (literally!) when we place ourselves so high above God's creation that we don't bother respecting it and to the contrary, when we place our dingity in the hands of 'intellect' which would then place some animals above us.

    Anyhow, enough of my ramble! I enjoy reading your blog and comments Ms O Regan. All the best for future posts!

    1. Thank you MaryJane, for your comment. I was always told growing up in Ireland that dogs do not go to Heaven. But as I am an ardent dog lover, then I can't imagine being without them in Heaven. Actually, I feel a tug at my heart when I think of life without dogs.


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