Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Nick Clegg to greet Pope. Pope’s words will ricochet off the dance floors in a ‘youth anthem’. Gay Christians criticise those who protest the Pope’s visit. And the Most Amazing Papal Visit T-Shirts!

Papal Visit News Bites. Nick Clegg, an atheist, will meet the Pope on behalf of the Government.
Get ready to hear ‘Heart Song’, which puts Benedict’s words to music. Lyrics include; “God lives, even though we sometimes find it difficult to grasp his mysterious and inscrutable ways.” The song may even be played in night clubs.
A news story from earlier in the week is that gay and lesbian Christians condemn the plans to protest the Pope.
The picture with this blog is of a new t-shirt design. And click HERE to see more of the Most Amazing t-shirts for the papal visit. These would make great presents. And could be worn with style for years after the visit.

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