Sunday, 12 September 2010

'Introducing Pope Benedict': Evening of Preparation for the visit of our beloved Holy Father

We will gather at 7pm. Carmelites, Church Street. And yes, this is the same church that Princess Diana used to visit so that she could light a candle to St. Therese. 
In this very church, this evening Mass will be offered for the Holy Father. We will then gather in the conference room, and have a talk, followed by an Open Forum on the Pope’s visit. We will then have a delicious bite to eat and a glass of vino. Whilst I am very unworthy, I will be giving the talk and answering some of the questions put during the forum. As an ordinary Catholic woman, it is a great honour to join with my fellow parishioners and decide how best we can get to know Pope Benedict, and give him a welcome that travels from our hearts to the heart of this nation.


  1. Good on you for stepping up to the plate (to borrow a phrase from our cousins on the other side of the pond)!

    The very best of luck (though you won't need it) and prayers that all goes well...

  2. THANK YOU so much Mac. I will return the prayers in kind, and offer your intentions while praying at Mass. I really look forward to your reflections during the papal visit.


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