Where Crucifixes are Verboten!

Should there come a truly despotic age when crucifixes are banned from all classrooms across Europe because of a precedent made by the European Court of Human Rights/Strasbourg Court ruling in November 2009, you may look at this picture of the 'Strasbourg Court' and regard it as the place where the defining symbol of Catholicism was made illegal.

I write of a 'despotic age' as though it's looming ahead. Did Hitler not order the complete removal and destruction of all crucifixes from all public buildings?
The Bavarians were the plucky ones. They defied Hitler, and when a school principal did remove a crucifix, they instructed their children to replace the crucifix.
So we now face the same debacle that the Bavarians faced...all the while these Strasbourg Court judges think themselves so 'progressive'. Regressive is the more apt word.

How about putting this flying spaceship building on a dart board? Apologies. You may not want to sully your dart board. My other suggestion is that you send a lot of pictures of this building to Stephen King. Would he write a horror novel set in the Strasbourg Court? Novel title: Exorcism in Strasbourg.

Another suggestion is more daring. An exorcist could hold a perpetual vigil outside the Strasbourg Court. Lots of Lourdes holy water on display. It could become a pilgrim destination for scrupulous Catholics who feel they must pray outside the spaceship court. Another idea would be for protesters to get posters of Adolf Hitler and position them side-by-side with the Strasbourg Court judges, the caption underneath these pin-ups might be 'they have a lot in common!'


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