The truth shall set you free.

Here's the 'In Good Faith Blog', which brings the 'is Obama a charlatan Christian?' debate to bear on whether it is truly 'honest' or if it shows 'integrity' to parade religous virtue for the sake of getting votes.

Brace yourself! Get a helmet to protect your ears, like that worn by riot police. Anyone who critiques Obama's religious swindling will be called the insult-of-choice 'right wing extremist'. Your head may be bitten off with the snarls and shouts of 'right wing nutter!' That was the offensive stereotype used to gag anyone who dared provoke debate on Obama’s inconsistent religious practices. 'Right-wing extremist' and 'gun-toting Bible reader' is learned-off lines of the Obama-obsessed to hurl at anyone who would say a word against their president.

Anyone who seeks a direct, candid answer on Obama’s confusing Christianity is treated as if they brought up a very passé subject. Immediately it relegates them to being 'extreme'. Wanting to know if Obama/or anyone for that matter is sincerely following Our Lord is extreme? Apparently so!

Yet, voters, as a general rule must show more fortitude in standing up for themselves. If you don't you may as well be like the members of the crowd that watched a emperor strut past in his 'new' clothes. I write this from London, but I exhort ALL American voters to refuse the name-calling of ‘extemist’, merely because you seek the truth on the religious practices of a man who has control of your taxes, and national institutions. It is ‘they’ who are censoring your right to free speech with their preppy screeches of ‘but that’s so right wing!’ No the truth does not belong to a ‘wing’. It exists of itself, for itself; ‘seek you the truth and the truth shall set you free.’


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