The King's Mother; Our Queen; The Blessed Virgin Mary

Well done Emer for your great comment! You should be writing this blog, not me!
For the benefit of everyone, here is Emer’s comment.

‘Golly. I've always called Our Lady 'queen' out of habit. Didn't realise that it has its origins in Old Testament Jewish law. That she's the queen of Heaven because she's Jesus/kings of king's mother. Maybe it's not pc to say this, but it could be why Protestants don't get Our Lady's queenship. Protestantism is usually very tied to English/German tradition where the queen is the king's wife. Wouldn't it be interesting to do a survey where we find out how many Protestants know that Our Lady is a Queen because she's the king's mother?’

Unfortunately Emer, we probably know the survey results already. The majority of Christians would not know why Our Lady is royalty. Not only should she be called a queen, but she is one. For now and forever. An eternal queen. Her sovereignty is as permanent as Christ the King. Our Lady is the mother of the founder of Catholicism, and Our Lord taught us to know and love her as our queen. The six unlucky wives were the queens of the founder of Protestantism – Aul ‘Enry. It’s perhaps all very sad that Aul ‘Enry’s wives were treated as child-bearing vessels to be used, and then conveniently decapitated. Most unfortunately, most Protestants treat Our Lady as if she were just a womb for bringing the Messiah into the world.

Talking to most protestants, I find that they treat the Virgin Mary as a little peasant girl who handily enough, bore the Messiah. I bear no grudge against Protestants per se, but there ought to be a bit more respect for Our Lady. I’ve heard from far too many Protestants/CIE peeps/Christian evangelicals that ‘well St. Mary needed saving too. Jesus came to redeem her too!’ The other famous quote that wreaks of Puritanism is ‘well you worship St. Mary. You’re guilty of idolatry!’
We don’t worship Our Lady like deluded idiots, we love her as our queen and mother. Her life and the biological life she gave Jesus (‘He was begotten by the Virgin Mary’) are all the fulfilment of her tradition – that of the Jewish/Hebrew Scripture Prophecies.

If Protestants/Christian Evangelicals are in earnest about solo scriptura, why is there that glaring inconsistency between the Hebrew Scripture Prophecy, which states the Messiah would be born of a Virgin and what Protestants-of-all-shapes-and-sizes have believed since the time of Henry the 8th, that the Virgin Mary was not immaculate and a virgin? Anyone wishing to check it up, will find the scripture which foretells that the Messiah would be born of a virgin in Isa. 7: 14.


  1. Hi Mary. I didnt understand your last paragraph, could you reword it? I am a protestant myself.


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