St Catherine of Siena began all her letters with:  "I write in the Precious Blood of Jesus".  Catherine purified all her words of her human sin by passing them through the Blood of Our Savior. Such was the efficacy of Catherine's letters to the Pope of her time that she caused him to re-think his dastardly move of relocating from Rome to France.  And Catherine moved the Pope to leave France and return to Rome for good. On a local level in her native Italy, she taught her followers to ask that their memories become vessels for carrying the Precious Blood. Perhaps you and I may think of doing the same today.

Over on Planet You-Tube, I put up a video on St Catherine's profound devotion to the Precious Blood. I am sealing this month of the Precious Blood with devotion to St Catherine of Siena and with efforts to emulate her devotion to the Precious Blood.


  1. Very beautiful and inspiring prayer to the Precious Blood. St Catherine of Siena is one of my favorite Saints - deeply immersed in her spiritual life of prayer and sacrifice while also being a vocal support to those in need around her. Have you read her "Dialogue?" The scenery in the video is lovely and thankyou for the sunset at the end!
    God bless from Canada!

    1. Dear Miriam,

      Thank you so much. I felt the epic beauty of Catherine of Siena's soul deserved the best backdrop.

      I have not yet read her "Dialogue", I think I may listen to it as an audiobook. I will make it a priority.

      I learnt a lot about her from Paul Thigpen's book on Saints who battled Satan. Catherine used call the devil "pick-pocket".

      She is fast becoming a favorite of mine, too.

      God bless you and may He reward your goodness.


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