The time Danny gave me an illustration of The Tower of London 

My close friend Danny Risdon - who is pictured above - celebrates his birthday today on this feast of St Valentine.  Danny likes to be called "Rizzo" which is a spin-off of Risdon but also a tribute he pays to Mother Angelica whose last name was Rizzo. Well, Rizzo has reached the grand milestone of three decades, and I ask that you remember him and his intentions in prayer. No worthier chap than Danny could be a recipient of your prayers.  

Strangely enough, I was due to be born on St Valentine's Day, and Danny was due to be born on my birthday, but Danny was born on Valentine's, and I was born on the day he was due! This year I found quite an apposite card, it has one meerkat saying to another, "If it can't be my birthday, I want it to be yours."

Happy Birthday, Danny.