Sister Paula of Saint Teresa was a Carmelite nun whose ardent passion for releasing the Holy Souls was matched only by the red-hot inferno of Purgatory. So great was her zeal, that Our Lord drew back the veil that separates us from the Church Suffering and she was given glimpses as to why some souls were chosen over others for admittance into Heaven.

One occasion when Paula was offering a very devout prayer for the Holy Souls, she was taken in spirit to the confines of Purgatory where she saw a sea of souls amid dancing flames. Near them, she saw Our Lord, surrounded by His angels. Our Lord made known which souls He would take back to Heaven. Paula, a Bride of Christ, spoke to her Souse, "O Jesus why this choice among such a vast multitude?" Our Lord deigned to reply, "I have released those who during life performed great acts of charity and mercy, and who have merited that I should fulfill My promise in their regard, Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy."

When I read this account, the line from Sacred Scripture, "Charity shall cover a multitude of sins" rang in my ears. If I may add a clause, a multitude is not an entirety: a person's works of charity and mercy may not cover all their sins. And the souls that Sister Paula saw did not escape Purgatory altogether, but spent some time in Purgatory, however, they were being acquitted earlier than the others who did not have such momentous works to their names

Sister Paula was raised further up the ladder to sainthood and is now Venerable Paula. But I do not know much more about her, only that which I've read here. I know I have this great love of the Holy Souls that she had.