Truly, I have seen all six wives of Henry VIII disappear

This actually happened.  I'm not kidding.  See the video evidence. 

My friend, Kind Sir Bruce of Wisconsin gave me the gift of a vessel which bears the images of Henry VIII and his six wives. When I pour steaming, hot liquid into this fine cup, I see the wives evaporate and blanch into ghostly white shadows. As my tea cools the wives slowly re-appear...

It's been quite a lark, having the mug on my desk, watching the wives vanish and then return, especially as I've drank from it early in the morning in the soft gold of September sunrise, while writing a long-form pro-life work on marriage that draws on my many years of helping women in crisis pregnancy.

(This work on pro-life and marriage is being written in tandem with the long-form work on Padre Pio. I ask your prayers for the good of these projects.)

 For a satirical look at Henry VIII and the story of his six spouses...


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