What did YOU look like when you started school? Join the 'When I Started School' meme

The internet is still young. Most of us who document our lives have an identity problem. We present as a people without a past. 

The general public sees us in terms of the photos and insights that we post. So, if you started using sharing your life on the internet when you were 20, the world gradually sees you as having began life at 20!

The internet was an unheard of concept when most of us were kids. So, those of us who got to know each other on the internet are not aware of each others’ childhoods.

I’m starting a meme to remedy this.

What kind of child were you?

Are you a very different adult?

How to do the 'When I Started School' Meme

You don’t need a blog.  If you have a blog, you can do the post there, but if not, you can do the post on Twitter or Facebook. Some people might like to do all three: post on their blog, Facebook and Twitter. Please always use the tag, #WhenIStartedSchool to keep us together.

Post a photo of yourself from your early school days.

Answer the questions:

What kind of child were you?      Are you a very different adult?

Nominate at least three other bloggers and/or social media users. Tell them they have been nominated by leaving a comment on their blogs or by tweeting to them or posting on their wall on Facebook OR whichever method you prefer.

NB – YOU can chose as many bloggers and social media users as you like.

Give them a link back to this post on my blog that you are reading now, where they can find the instructions.

If they like, they can leave a comment here, mention who nominated them and say who they are nominating. This means that my readers are more likely to take an interest in their childhood reminiscences. 

I’LL start the meme rolling…   The picture you see above of the platinum blond child is me.

What kind of child were you?

I wrote about being ‘an emotional Benjamin Button’ in January. I was a deadly serious and introverted child.  Every spring, a yellow rose bush would bloom in our garden. After school, I would stand by the rosebush talking to the flowers that were in bloom and play-act with them like they were puppets.

I loved listening to an audio tape (yes, those relics of technology past) of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, written by Robert Louis Stevenson.  The story infused my vocabulary so much that when I was about 7 and obsessed with writing my will, I wrote at the top, ‘in the event of my death or disappearance’, which is how Jekyll starts his letter to his friend, the lawyer Gabriel John Utterson. 

Are you a very different adult?

Yes, a wildly different adult! Fun-loving and irreverent. 
Let my holiday snap from this summer taken by the sea in Kent speak for itself.  We travelled by train to Kent, near Broadstairs where Charles Dickens used to go on holiday and where he would restore his energy.
Summer 2014 Later on I rolled on the ground like a sheep and the Collie ran around me.

I am a blogger so I will nominate my own kind…


  1. Well you sure were a sweet kid (not that you aren't wonderful now, he said hastily). Thanks for the nomination: when I get back to Eccles Castle I'll try and dig something up myself.

    1. Thanks so much, Eccles! I look forward to reading and having a good giggle when you publish your post. #WhenIStartedSchool

  2. Thanks so much for tagging me, Mary! I shall try to answer the questions over at the my blog as soon as I can! (I think you looked like an adorable child, and are now a lovely young woman!)

    I am actually off to the studio tomorrow to finish recording a song I wrote about Marian devotion in The British Isles called "Our Lady of Britannia." You shall be one of the first persons I send it to for critique, as my London Irish woman-on-the-street! ;-)

    1. Wonderful news to hear you will do the post, Pearl.

      As of today, your song will have greater relevance than ever because Scotland and England are sticking together. It will be a timely reminder that England was the most Marion country in the world at one time.

      By the way, I am not 'London Irish', because I was not born in London, but County Cork.

      God bless always,



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