Three blogs by three young Catholics just added to my blog list

A friend asked me why I say, 'there are young Catholic bloggers blogging around Britain', but then don't have more links on my blog to young Catholics writing on the walls of the blogosphere.  Mea culpa: I have been negligent in updating my blog list with fellow young'uns (or 'yoof' as Eccles calls uz).  My conscience about including more bloggers on my blog roll was again pricked when I saw my blog address on Luke O'Sullivan's blog, and I remembered to include his blog on my list.
To remedy the lack of 'Yoof', I have put three blogs by three Catholic bloggers on my list. Drum-roll please...ladies first....

The Whistling Sentinel. The origin of the blog title comes from Chesterton, who wrote, 'it's not a question of theology, it's a question of whether, placed as a sentinel of an unknown watch, you will whistle or not.'  I derive the meaning of the blog title to be that the Catholic state-of-being is to whistle whilst in a place that is inhospitable, strange and cold, because we are offering up our stint as sentintel. A very erudite lady-blogger, Megan wrote about her conversion, and how she was converted by reading the enemies of the New Atheists, i.e. Thomas Aquinas and Pope Benedict. Recently, Megan became Catholic, at the London Oratory, and the next blogger is her God-father. 

The Thirsty Gargoyle is written by an academic who bounces from Ireland to England and back again. His stamina in travelling is matched by his intellectual stamina. His most recent post, 'He who controls the past, controls the future' is his best post to date (IMHO). It would make eye-watering reading for Pete-the-treat Boylan who was an expert witness at the inquest into Savita Halappanavar's death.

Lucas Cambrensis is written by Luke O'Sullivan, whose ancestors fled Ireland during The Potato Famine. I think Luke's contribution is as a Catholic male, will be a witness to withstanding the pressure to partake in so-called social norms for males such as peeking at Page 3 and evaluating women in terms of physical characteristics.  Luke's most recent post is entitled, 'On the quality of paving slabs in the Red Light District of Amsterdam', includes sub-headings such as 'sex bomb' and 'a failure to communicate'.

If you've read this far in my post, you may have come to agree with me that there are some enthusiastic young Catholic bloggers here in Britain. Of course, in thirty years time, Whistling Sentinel, Thirsty Gargoyle, Luke-the-Welshman and yours truly might be comparing pension plans and looking at the Catholic blogosphere and moaning, 'look at those youngsters, don't they know that we were some of the first young'uns on there? Why don't they have our blogs on their blog-lists? A little respect, please!'


  1. Fantastic recommendations, Mary... I've added them all to my blogrolls!

  2. Well of course I didn't invent the expression "Yoof", but it seems appropriate here. Anyway, all power to you and the 3 other yoofful ones.

  3. Thanks so much, Mulier, for adding them to your blogrolls. You are great for promoting good blogs. Actually, I have a cheeky confession, I've always liked your posts where you plug other blogs, so that is where I got the idea to write a post with plugs to Megan, Thirsty and Luke.

    Darling Eccles, what would we do without you? You is English (right?) and that is why you know the term, 'yoof'. We don't use the pronunciation 'yoof' in Ireland. It brought such a smile to my face when you included me in a post on the 'yoof'.

  4. Hello my brothers and sisters,

    I have recently started to author a blog called . I am a Marian Catechist in formation, and part of my formation process involves an active participation in catechetical instruction. I am in my second year of advanced catechetics through the Marian Catechist Apostolate in Lacrosse Wisconsin. Our founder is Servant of God Father John Hardon, and our current Director is His Eminence Cardinal Raymond Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura. I am trying to provide a blog site that is less geared towards another opinion, and more focussed on what The Catholic Church truly teaches. I will provide short, but thorough catechesis on all subjects Catholic, starting with The Apostles Creed. Working through all twelve articles in a systematic, ordered way. All material is available for reprint, to be copied, forwarded or used in anyway to help advance The Truth of The Church, please just give a mention if doing so. I welcome questions and comments also. Also part of my Catechetical activities are facilitating Holy Scripture study on Saturday nights at our families local Parish in Ontario Canada. So, it is not all Doctrine, I also study Holy Scripture. I believe it is essential today for Catholics to be very familiar with The Holy Bible as well as the timeless teachings of The Church. Last of all, my name is Lee Bastings, and all I hope for is the salvation of souls and conversion of sinners, myself included. May Jesus and His Holy Immaculate Mother, Bless us all.

    in JMJ,


    ps please pray for Our Holy Father Pope Francis and Priests everywhere

    ..........................God Alone Suffices..........................


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